Today, SAFCON designs and delivers a diverse range of communications solutions to its clients in the United States and around the world. We know that every client is different and that is why SAFCON offers you more choices. SAFCON provides custom-designed Public Address and General Alarm systems that allow messages to be heard loud and clear. At SAFCON our experts use a modular approach to system design which gives you the flexibility to set up systems based on your exact needs. Additionally, using the open architecture approach allow to meet a customers special needs while at the same time easily and economically connect with telephone networks and equipment from other suppliers as well as the ability to integrate with the equipment already in place.

We can supply all components necessary to assemble a complete system for safe area or hazardous area applications. SAFCON's design and today's technology makes it easy and economical to extend telephone communications from the office to all locations on the industrial site regardless of exposure to weather, water, dust, humidity, corrosives or explosive atmospheres.

A system can be configured for single, duplicated, or redundant operation. Today systems are software configurable thus allowing the flexibility to meet customer specifications. Our arrangements incorporate a variety of enclosures and power systems that will fulfill customer's specifications as well as all existing safety regulations.

Alarm inputs can be integrated from fire detection, gas detection or process safety systems and announced using a diversity of customized special alarm tones, digitally recorded voice messages or a combination of both. The system may be configured for zoned paging and alarm distribution to only those areas or group of areas affected.

Paging inputs can be integrated from existing telephone systems, and other paging systems in the same facility such as drilling/production operations, music sources, computers, or included into the PAGA system as a unified package.

Our highly qualified and certified personnel are able to install your system weather or not it was purchased from us. As always, you can expect premium service after the sale from our outstanding service department. We will maintain your equipment as per original manufacturer's specification and ready to page loud and clear.

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