OSHA regulations states: when employees are working over or near water, where the danger of drowning exists, shall be provided with U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket or buoyant work vests.

Prior to and after each use, the buoyant work vests or life preservers shall be inspected for defects which would alter their strength or buoyancy. Defective units shall not be used.

At SAFCON we offer more than 40 years experience in sales and service of life saving equipment systems to all major oil companies. These devices are used both in offshore facilities as well as in land installations, and are suitable for use by the casual boater or outdoors enthusiast. Our products are designed for use on all vessels where the United States Coast Guard requires a life saving device and are internationally accepted.

Our warehouses maintain well stocked inventory with original manufacturer parts. Our regularly trained technicians are also available twenty four hours a day to service your equipment.

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