SAFCON provides maintenance teams for periodic and ongoing testing and maintenance activities for:

  On-site Inspections of ATN equipment
  Inspection of Breathing Air Products, and associated sub systems
  Inspection and Calibration of Radiation Detection Equipment (NORM)
  Inspections of Life Saving Equipment
  Periodic Maintenance, Problem Analysis, and Repair of PAGA Systems
  Fire and Gas Detection Systems
  Fire Suppression Systems Inspection and Repairs
  Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Repairs

These services can be provided at Offshore Facilities, Refineries, Industrial Plants, Hospitals, Computer Facilities, etc.

We also provide:

  Coast Guard Inspections and Repairs
  ABS Inspections and Repairs

These services can be provided at Production Platforms, Drilling Rigs, Workboats and Barges.

Preventive maintenance means higher profit margins. SAFCON helps you avoid costly repairs by organizing and planning your preventive maintenance efforts. We can help you control service or maintenance activities by date or condition, trigger them according to specific events, or let our service personnel initiate them in your behalf.

At SAFCON we know our clients, and that providing prompt, efficient customer service is critical to profitability. This level of attention to customer service is a constant challenge that requires balancing available resources with current utilization levels. If your organization has multiple geographic locations, the challenge is even greater. Utilizing our inspection planning techniques, we can organize sequential visits between service locations which provides further cost savings, and more efficient management of your maintenance budget.

At SAFCON we also provide maintenance contracts tailored to our client's individual needs. Please contact us for a proposal.

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