Workplace fires and explosions kill over 500 and injure more than 7,000 workers each year. In 2003, more than 85,000 workplace fires cost businesses more than $3.3 billion.

Understanding the importance of containing fires, SAFCON has designed numerous fire protection systems that satisfy a variety of needs that follow strict quality standards, while complying with existing rules and regulations.

We specialize in the design, installation, service and inspections of fire suppression systems. Our design includes applications both on land and offshore to protect areas such as:

  Living Quarters
  Process Equipment
  Control Rooms
  Motor-Control Centers
  Food Processing Areas

Our flexible design combines different kinds of fire detection, heat detectors, optical flame detectors, or smoke detectors systems. Based on you needs and specifications, our design provide automatic or manual operation and detection - alarm - release capabilities. As a life safety system, our design is incorporated into a variety of light emitting signaling devices such as strobe lights and/or a loudspeaker system such as a PAGA for early notification and evacuation of personnel.

SAFCON also has the knowledge to design a multi-hazard, high-risk protection system to provide automatic, simultaneous discharge for a variety of hazards and configurations using high or low pressure systems. Low-pressure systems and equipment are best suited for applications where large quantities of CO2 are needed. For smaller hazards or where space is limited, a high-pressure system may be appropriate. We also offer FM-200, FE-13, Dry Chemical, Foam and Vent Snuffing Systems.

Whichever system is fit your needs you can count on being UL listed and FM approved.

Our highly qualified personnel are certified to install your system weather or not it was purchased from us. As always, you can expect premium service after the sale from our outstanding service department. We will keep your equipment as per original manufacturer's specifications and ready to function in case of a possible occurrence.

When your business is hundreds of miles offshore and automatic 24/7 fire protection is required, SAFCON is where you want to be.

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