Fire and Gas Detection Systems are designed to provide early and reliable detection of fire or gas emergencies. If such an event occurs, personnel are alerted and sufficient time is allowed to execute a plan which may initiate protective actions automatically or manually depending in system design.

Here at SAFCON we recognize the significance of these systems; consequently we offer a full range of Fire & Gas Detection system configurations for applications on land, at sea, petrochemical, and oil and gas industry.  These systems may incorporate special enclosures, alarm devices, power systems, special communications interfaces, and other options depending on the application. Our priority is to find the precise system for your application. Our design philosophy is to design a system using a modular and flexible approach to meet our customer's fire and gas detection requirements. This approach has proven to save installation and materials costs.

SAFCON is a system integrator that offers a single point of contact for your Fire & Gas Detection Projects. The advantages of a single point of contact for your fire and gas detection projects are:

  Ensure your system delivers the right functionality
  Project completion on time
  Project completed on or under budget

Fire and Gas Detection technologies are developing faster than the economic life cycle of the products. This means that you have to forward thinking when making your decision. With this in mind, SAFCON offers a wide variety of Fire and Gas detection solutions ranging from small portable units to integrated multi-system applications designed to detect such gases as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Toxic Gases, and Combustible Gases.

We can provide a complete distributed control system integration package for hazardous gas risk management using sentry controllers and a variety of Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) packages.

SAFCON also offers:

  Portable Gas Detector Rentals
  Fixed Fire and Gas Detection System Rentals
  Fixed and Portable Gas Detector Sales and Service
  Gas Detector Calibration}
  NORM Radiation Meter Rentals, Sales, Calibration and Service

We are committed to quality and confident that we can handle all of your safety needs. Because safety is our primary concern, our Fire & Gas Detection rentals are comprised of only CSA and UL listed, approved Fire & Gas Detection Equipment.

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