SAFCON specializes in the design and maintenance of specialized Breathing Air and Confined Space Ventilation Equipment. Attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do. As a result of SAFCON's considerable expertise in developing Breathing Air Solutions, clients look to us for answers to their most difficult problems. Our customers rely on our ability to provide innovative technical solutions for their applications.

SAFCON's intent is to bring the complete package of Breathing Air Products and Services to you. We value and appreciate the importance of your time and desire to receive services when needed at your location. SAFCON's employees are committed to excellence on all levels. They are proud to provide Life Support Equipment and Compressed Air Solutions to some of the most difficult applications in the world. Our services are designed to assure performance of your High Pressure Breathing Air Systems, insuring the safety of your breathing air users, and reducing liability.

H2S Services  H2S also known as sour gas is a very toxic and very flammable gas. At low levels, H2S has a "rotten egg" odor. At levels of 100 ppm, H2S paralyzes the olfactory system, making it appear odorless. At levels above 700 ppm, H2S can kill instantly. As an added threat, H2S is heavier than air, allowing it to creep along the surface where it becomes a potentially life threatening, explosive hazard. At SAFCON, we are able to offer a complete solution for your H2S operations in the following areas: risk assessment, and careful examination of factors in your work environment which could cause illness. We offer packages that include strategic identification of safe meeting areas, portable air packages, visual and audible annunciators, and recharge services.

H2S Training  SAFCON's instructors have the skill, training, and equipment to insure that your company is in compliance. This service is provided without having to send employees to a variety of different classes which reduces profit and lowers your total output. We recognize the need for a one stop shop for respiratory compliance while making every effort to bring our services to your location. You will discover that our service level and attention to detail second to none. We look forward to serving you and assist in meeting your business needs.

SAFCON also provides:

  Breathing-Air Systems
  Breathing-Air Testing
  Mobile Compressor
  Confined Space Ventilation
  On Site Service

Since the origins of our company, SAFCON has provided customers with the best quality equipment and services. We are proud to state that we have built our business on a sound reputation of quality services, sale ethics, and integrity.

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