SAFCON is your one stop for your Aids to Navigation needs. We install, repair, and service all brands including but not limited to Tideland Signal, Automatic Power, including class A, B, and C packages.

SAFCON's Aids to Navigation (ATN) division features a full line of ATN products:

  Fog Signals
  Marine Lanterns and Flashers
  Solar Power Systems
  DC Battery Backup Systems

We are experts in marking complex offshore structures and the design of back up energy systems such as solar power, battery banks, as well as the more common UPS systems, which are suitable for use in all types of environments. Our systems are guaranteed and specially designed to meet client specifications and meet the certification requirements for its intended use. In addition, SAFCON is able to customize these systems to meet individual client's requirements.

We back this guarantee with our first class engineering department and service resources. Our products are suitable for use in both certified and non-certified environments and designed to meet industry regulations around the world. If your installation is in the area of potential gas explosion hazards, we can design a system to meet your needs as well as meeting all existing rules and regulations.

The low maintenance costs involved in our system designs means that the aids to navigation can be used in both harsh and demanding environments with little operating costs.

Here at SAFCON we can plan a preventive maintenance program to assure your navigational aids will work at critical times. SAFCON provides ATN inspections and maintenance to a number companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico. These inspections are performed regardless of the make or model of the system.

Please contact us for details on how we can provide your company with a reliable system.

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